Multiple Share Cards For Your Web Page

Primer: the share card

Virtually all news sites get one thing right: they create a “share card” per story. A share card has an image, a headline and a description. Here’s an example on Twitter:

What if I want to share my page in several ways?

Sometimes, it’s hard to settle on a single share card for a page.

An interactive news piece with no easy share card
We’d like ten share cards, please

The solution: “social-redirect pages”

The trick is to publish one web page per chart. Make the web page as simple as possible: basically, a giant link to the quiz.

How social-redirect pages can help tell your story

Bonnaroo-goers will be interested in a tweet about Bonnaroo; Coachella-goers will be interested in a tweet about Coachella; and so on. In general, different share cards engage different readers.

And the drawbacks?

I can think of two issues you should consider when using social-redirect cards.

This Venn diagram is a great visual. Let’s share it.
Readers have a what-you-see-is-what-you-post experience with Facebook.
Readers won’t see the share card until after they tweet with Twitter.

Next steps in news

Social-redirect pages can make “tracker” websites far more engaging.



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Adam Hooper

Adam Hooper

Journalist, ex software engineer