Fonts in node-canvas

Make sure you’re using pango-cairo

Set FONTCONFIG_PATH and place fonts.conf there

  1. Create a directory, assets/fonts, and copy/paste the fonts.conf from above into it.
  2. Copy all font files for your project into assets/fonts/. They should be .ttf and .otf files.
  3. Before using node-canvas, set the environment variable FONTCONFIG_PATH to point to the directory that holds fonts.conf. You can either do this in your shell (Bash: FONTCONFIG_PATH=assets/fonts node render.js) or within your script (Node: process.env.FONTCONFIG_PATH = './path/to/assets/fonts').

Force FontConfig on Mac OS X and Windows

Use ctx._setFont()

Debug with FC_DEBUG, fc-match, fc-list and pango-view

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Journalist, ex software engineer

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Adam Hooper

Adam Hooper

Journalist, ex software engineer

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